About Progressive Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ears or head that does not have a source outside the body. The perceived sound is generated within the body and thus has been referred to as a “phantom” sound. Most typically, people who experience tinnitus have been exposed to loud noise that caused damage to the auditory system, resulting in both tinnitus and hearing loss. There are numerous other causes of tinnitus, as reviewed in article 1.

Tinnitus is a vexing and intractable problem for millions of people. It can cause sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, and can be the cause of mental health problems—most commonly anxiety and depression. People who already suffer from mental health conditions may be particularly vulnerable to tinnitus becoming problematic. Interestingly, of all the people who experience tinnitus, many more are not bothered by it than those who are. This is just one of many aspects of tinnitus that make it difficult to provide a clinical program that addresses the needs of all patients who report tinnitus to a health care provider

Series of articles for audiologists -about Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM)- quite technical: