Cancer-fighting Foods Table

Cancer-fighting foods table.

Table of foods that can prevent or fight cancer
Foods  Effects on cancer
May attack free radicals in the body by blocking intestinal absorption of certain fats; may be useful in treating viral hepatitis (a cause of liver cancer)
May prevent or slow genetic damage to cells, prevent prostate cancer, and lower the risk of digestive cancers
May help prevent skin, bladder, lung, and breast cancers and slow the reproduction of cancer cells
Cabbage and cauliflower
May slow cancer growth and development and help to reduce the risk of lung, prostate, and bladder cancers
May prevent some types of cancer, including stomach, colon and rectal
May reduce a wide range of cancers including lung, mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, bladder, prostate and breast
Chili peppers and jalapeños
May prevent cancers such as stomach cancer
Cruciferous vegetables
(broccoli, cauliflower, kale,
Brussels sprouts, and
May help decrease prostate and other cancers
Dark green leafy vegetables 
May reduce the risk of lung and breast cancer
May shrink tumors
May reduce the risk of breast, skin, and lung cancer
May increase the activity of immune cells that fight cancer and indirectly help break down cancer causing substances.
May help block carcinogens from entering cells and slow tumor development. May render carcinogens in the liver inactive
May lower risk of a variety of cancers including stomach, colon, lung and skin
May prevent cancer by sweeping carcinogens out of the body and inhibit the proliferation of breast-cancer cells in vitro
May inhibit the enzymes that can stimulate cancer-cell growth and suppress immune response
May help stop the conversion of certain lesions to cancerous cells in estrogen-sensitive tissues, suppress tumor growth, and block cancer-causing substances from reaching their targets
Licorice root 
May prevent the growth of prostate cancer
May help the body fight cancer and build the immune system
May suppress the growth of cancers
Oranges and lemons
May stimulate cancer-killing immune cells like lymphocytes that may function in breaking down cancer-causing substances
May reduce absorption of cancer-causing nitrosamines from the soil or processed foods.
May minimize cervical dysplasia and certain cancers
Red wine
May inhibit cell proliferation and help prevent cancer
May inhibit the development of breast and skin tumors
Seaweed and other sea vegetables
May help in the fight against breast cancer
Soy products like tofu
May help to prevent breast and prostate cancer by blocking and suppressing cancerous changes
Sweet potatoes
May prevent cancer cells from dividing, reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, lung, colon, rectum, liver and pancreas, and protect against various types of cancer
May combat prostate cancer and protect against breast, lung, mouth, stomach, and pancreatic cancer. May reduce risk of breast, prostate, pancreas and colorectal cancer. May prevent cellular damage that leads to cancer.
May inhibit the production of the inflammation-related enzyme cyclo-oxygenase 2 (COX-2), which reaches abnormally high levels in certain inflammatory diseases and cancers, especially bowel and colon cancer
Whole grains
May help decrease the risk of developing most types of cancer

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