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Child with measles - below

child with measles

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Measles rash close up - early measles - below:

measles picture - early measles

Above: This is a close-up picture of a measles rash early in the infection. The rash starts with small red spots that are slightly raised.

You can see the discrete red spots in this photo.
Compare this picture to the next one later in the infection, below:

measles picture - late rash

Above: This is a close-up picture of a measles rash later in the infection. The previous picture shows the distinct red spots that occur early in the infection, while this photo shows how the red spots have multiplied so much they've joined together.

As the rash progresses, it's hard to make out each individual spot. When the rash goes away, it starts fading on the face first, then fades down the rest of the body.
Below: typical koplik spots in the mouth 

measles picture - koplik spots in the mouth

Above Picture: Koplik spots are a prodromic viral enanthem of measles manifesting two days before the measles rash itself. They are characterized as clustered, white lesions on the buccal mucosa near each Stenson's duct (on the buccal mucosa opposite the maxillary 2nd molars) and are pathognomonic for measles. The textbook description of Koplik spots is ulcerated mucosal lesions marked by necrosis, neutrophilic exudate, and neovascularization.They are described as appearing like "grains of salt on a wet background" and often fade as the maculopapular rash develops.

Below: classic measles face

measles pictures - classic measles face

Above: child with classic measles face

Below: measles rash on face

measles rash on face

Above: measles rash on face

Below: measles rash on body

measles rash on body

Above: measles rash on body

Below: koplik spots in mouth

koplik spots in mouth

Above: koplik spots in mouth

Below: rash of measles on back and legs

measles pic - rash on back and legs

Above: rash of measles on back and legs

Below: close up of typical measles rash on upper leg

measles pictures - rash on upper leg

Above: measles pictures - rash on upper leg - close up

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