The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor Review – Weight Loss for Women Only!

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The Venus Factor is one of the few products that have been specifically written with women’s needs in mind. Written and launched by John Barban the Venus Factor program has quickly become one of the hottest and most talked about weight loss guides in recent months.

What is the Venus Factor all about?

First off there are no gimmicks with the Venus Factor program. Whilst many weight loss guides might say you can lose pound after pound without even leaving your sofa.

The Venus Factor focuses on simple science. Scientists have recently discovered that weight loss is heavily influenced by a hormone known as Leptin. Leptin is responsible for controlling your metabolism, fat storage and appetite. By catering your diet around Leptin you can sky rocket your weight loss efforts by increasing your metabolism, limiting fat storage and decreasing appetite.

What do you get with the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor program comes with the following:

  • The main Venus Factor manual.
  • The Venus Factor workout manual.
  • A workout schedule.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of the Venus Program

The main disadvantage of this product is that it is digital only. For some people this might be a problem as a lot of prefer to have something come through into the post. Although there is nothing stopping you printing it out.

The thing I liked most about the Venus Factor was the fact that there was no barrier to entry. The guide was suitable for all women regardless of their fitness level. The exercises in the guide were well documented and easy to follow.

Also because the Venus Factor focused on sculpting your body rather than heavy weight loss you may find it significantly easier than a traditional weight loss plan.

Summing Up

In conclusion I found the Venus Factor to be a high quality and thorough weight loss product. The exercises in it are clear and easy to understand. It was also great to finally see a product that was geared specifically towards women.

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